How to fix a Mac’s broken find function?

Find Function in Mac makes search of files easier and quicker. This find function is present in upper right hand corner of menu bar on Mac system.

Spotlight is a search utility in Mac system which can be applied to find any types of files, applications, etc. By entering the name of file in Spotlight and find function one can easily access that particular file within a second.

Benefits of using spotlight and find function?

You can activate spotlight and find function by clicking on find option or you can hold command and space bar button at a time to activate the spotlight and find function.

When you stimulate spotlight you will be able to find any kind of document, apps, songs, contacts, movies, remainders, etc.

To search for apps or files using find option, it is not necessary to type the entire file name instead you can just give few letters of that specific file name, find option auto completes it with suggestions. For eg: If you are searching for safari app present on your Mac system, then just typing SAF will return you this app.

Using spotlight you can get currency and unit conversion results, mathematical expression in spotlight, definition of any phrase, etc.

This spotlight and find option even provides spotlight suggestions from internet by giving you an information related to App store, iTunes store iBook store, movies ShowTime’s, current news only if your spotlight suggestions, Bing Web search, location service is on.

If your spotlight is off then you will be able to find only the files present on Mac system.

Symptoms for broken spotlight and find function:

Problem 1: Spotlight menu icon highlights, but no search form appears.

Problem 2: Spotlight search form appears, but no results are shown for searched file.

Problem 3: Spotlight search works, but results are poor and incomplete.

To avoid these symptoms, you need to fix broken spotlight and find function.

How to fix spotlight and find functions:

1) WORK WITH “SystemUIServer”

In the menu go to Applications/Utilities/Activity Monitor, launch this Activity Monitor.

Locate the process ‘SystemUIServer’, highlight it and click on “Quit Process”.

Now within few seconds the menu bar will rebuild itself and spotlight and find function starts working normally.

2)  Rebuild Spotlight index manually:

Go to Applications/Utilities/Terminal, launch the found terminal.

Command prompt is displayed. In this command prompt type: sudo mdutil –E/

Provide password in box displayed, as the command requires administrator privileges to run.

You will receive confirmation message saying that index will be rebuilt.

Wait until index is rebuilt, the time takes to rebuild depends on size of your hard drive and files present on it.

Main thing is you need to rebuild index to fix broken find function on Mac system.

3) Change desktop Resolution:

This solution can be used when your spotlight and find function on Mac is highlighted but search form doesn’t appear.

Open “System Preference” via Apple menu. Click on ‘Displays’ and adjust the resolution to smaller one then what it was used before.  Perfect resolution to be used in Mac system is 640*480.

When you change resolution, your spotlight find and search option will become available again.

4) Reboot Mac Machine:

Sometimes simple reboot of Mac machine will fix the find option and display your suggested search files. But every time doing reboot is not a good option. So better go for other above mentioned solutions and fix the broken find function.

5) Go to system preferences, click on privacy check to check whether all the files are been searched. Sometimes though files are shown you will not be able to search them. Add such files in one folder and delete them from the list. Finally force spotlight search to reindex.  To reindex, you need to add your whole hard drive to the above privacy list. Spotlight takes very long time to reindex.

These are some ways to be followed to fix broken find function and activate spotlight search.