Difference between Android, Windows and iOS..

Majority of the people get struck in choosing OS, either it may be for Mobile, Computer or Laptops. Day today task can be performed in just few simple clicks, all with the help of Operating systems you use in Mobiles or Laptops.

There is a lot of hype when it comes to which OS to choose, either the most famous and costliest Apple iOS, Windows or the Android. All the three OS have their own visual style, effects, appearances, display, applications, affordability, navigation bar, interface, and many others and are the most popular Operating Systems in almost all the fields. Let me explain you in detail about all the three Operating System, so that you will get a clear idea in choosing the best OS for your mobile or computers.

Let me first start with the Windows Operating System, Microsoft has been a powerhouse for years, but the success of the Microsoft has never truly expanded into mobile Operating System market. Even before iOS and Android stormed onto the scene, Windows was unsuccessful in competing against the likes of BlackBerry and Palm OS. Other new features include quad core processor support, Data Usage, an improved keyboard and a powerful camera application in it. Out of the box the platform boasts as many features as either iOS or Android already have.

New Windows Operating System design is based on “Tiles” concept. These Tiles are customizable and contain information about everything from local weather to social media alerts to text messaging and many things included in it. Although it is not quite as advanced as the widget system used in Android platforms or the Apple iOS. Unfortunately, the platform simply hasn’t had enough time to attract a strong development community or even a refined interface. Overall, Windows does a good job of offering an alternative solutions compared to Android or iOS based systems or smartphones.

A product of the Open Handset Alliance, Android was first introduced to the public in the year 2007. This was the same year Apple unveiled its first iPhone for commercial market. Android, was a Google backed company that was ultimately acquired by the search giant. Unlike Windows or Apple’s iOS, Android is a completely an open source mobile operating system based on a Linux kernel. Samsung, LG, HTC, Karbon, Sony, and many others are some of the largest distributors of Android powered handsets across the globe.

One of the features that has always set Android apart from fierce competitor like Apple is the use of interactive widgets on the Android home screens. You can install widgets to your favourite applications allowing you to interact directly from the home screen of the Android. This is a feature that is still not available in even the newest iterations of Apple iOS.

Android applications can be created using any modern OS including Windows, Mac and Linux. Despite the significant improvements made by the developers with the release of 4.4 Kit Kat version and now the Lollipop in the market, some degree of hardware incompatibility will always be present in all the versions of Android. iOS or even Windows are probably a better choice because the user experience is more closely monitored.

Now coming to iOS, Apple created its first truly innovative mobile OS when it introduced the first iPhone. Finger Print security feature is beyond any security features available in Android or Windows platforms in terms of ease of use and overall security levels.

iOS design is so simple that it has become worldwide famous and commonly one can see the toddlers successfully navigating through menus on the device. Although this degree of simplicity may seem very attractive, it is for this reason that iOS has become the operating system of choice for many users worldwide. It made his place in the market of Operating System due to its excellence in security, interface, and navigation. It is simply the great Operating System compared to other two OS Android and Windows with its simplistic design and exceptional user experience.

Regardless of which platform you choose either Windows, Android or iOS, always remember that each platform is good but a true solution comes from understanding your requirements. Hope this article has provided you enough information regarding Android, Windows and iOS Operating Systems.